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October 15, 2015

Guide to clean the area rug at home

Area rug enhances the beauty of the room. It encloses the room together. There are plenty of varieties available. They are made from natural or manmade fiber as – wool, nylon, grass, sisal, coir etc. They are handmade, hand knotted or machine made.  They can be expensive. Regular cleaning is important to keep it tidy. Rugs and carpets attract dust particles easily. It is essential to remove the spills and stains to save the rug from permanent damage. For the major damage the professional services are taken. With the regular rug care such damages can be controlled.

Follow the mentioned below steps for the regular rug cleaning:

  • Vacuum cleaning: Use vacuum cleaner to clean the rug. Reverse the rug and vacuum it. Do not use the vacuum cleaner on the fringes as they are delicate and easily ripped.Vacuuming the back of the rug with the help of beater bar or the rotating brush helps to push the dirt trapped down  and it moves towards the top of the rug. Now use the cleaner on the right side and vacuum the dust and dirt. For the woollen rugs use the suction where as for the nylon rugs the rotating brush is used at both ends.
  • Jiggle the small area rugs: If the rug can be easily lifted then take it outdoors are shake it vigorously so that the trapped dirt can come out. You can also beat it on the reverse side.
  • Brush the rug: Use the stiff brush on the front of the area rug to remove the pet hairs and the particles that vacuum cannot catch.  Brush it after using the vacuum cleaner on the rug.
  • Rotate the placed rug: The wear and tear of the rug can be controlled by regularly rotating the rug placed on the floor. It depends on the footfall. The traffic pattern leaves permanent marks. If the furniture is placed on the rug, it can leave the impressions. This is prevented by regular rotation of the furniture placed on the rug.
  • Roll the rugs for shifting and storage. It is easy to move the rug when it is rolled..This prevents forming of crease or break down. Roll the rug when it is stored. If the rug is transported from one place to another such as for dry cleaning then roll it.
  • Power clean the rug: the Use of powder is an easy method to clean the rug. You can use the baking soda or the carpet cleaning powder. Sprinkle the powder on the rug for few hours or overnight. Clean the powder with vacuum cleaner. The powder will soften the stains.
  • Use of borax: Borax is used on the rug to get rid from insect infestation. Borax has a natural tendency that destroys the larva and eggs breeding on the rug. No babies or pets should be around rug when the borax is applied as it contains toxins. The powder should be left on the rug for 30 mins and then vacuumed.

how to clean rug

How to remove the stains from the rug

The best way to keep the rug away from stains is to remove them as soon as possible before they get dry and look ugly. Do not wipe them but use the soaking method. Use a damp cotton towel and soak it away. This will prevent the rug from bleeding. Avoid the rug having direct contact on floor as it can get the stains and colour. Using a wet wipe can help the stain to penetrate deep inside. You can also use the stain removal in form of detergent.

Use one part of vinegar and three parts of water mix and apply on affected area. This helps in stain removal and keeps the rug colour in place. Use the ice cubes on very sticky stains such as gum. Put the ice cubes in a plastic bag and then harden that surface. After that peel the hard coat by a knife or spoon. Clean it from detergent and blot dry.

Use the stain removal methods according to the stains. The mud or simple stain can be treated by the use of bloating and vacuum cleaning. For serious stains that are mild in nature must be treated by using detergents. Ammonia can be used to remove any mild stain from the non wool rug. Never use ammonia or any other harsh acid on the wool rug. This will degrade the wool fibre. It can cause the permanent damage. In such case use the professional’s services.

The stains of coffee, tea, soft drinks or alcohol are removed using the mix of white vinegar, warm water and dish detergent. Apply the mix to the stain area. Rinse it and then blot it. Never rub as it can damage the area. If the stain still persists then use the commercial carpet cleaner. Always air dry the treated area. Do not expose it to the sun.



Reasons for having outside Rugs

Outdoor rugs are magnificent things that made outdoor space in truly amazing outdoor rooms. These outdoor rugs brought instant color and astonishing style in your patio or wherever you put this outdoor rug. Many people use outdoor rugs like moms out there, the person who plans for a party, and also even a pet owner. Anybody can use outdoor rugs with her purpose. Wherever and whenever she wants and needs it. Others use outside rugs inside their houses which is not bad and it gives addition style inside their house. These are some reasons why people wants to have their outside rugs.

Comfort Feeling

The soft feeling that the outdoor rugs have are so invitingly for someone to sit down the floor and give himself a relax time. Outdoor rugs are also perfect for children who starts to crawl and walk. Children may do playing in this outdoor rug without worrying you child to be hurt. It is just a perfect playing area for your children.

Unbelievably Long Lasting

Outdoor rugs that are made of polypropylene are really long lasting even for any type of weather. It is also amazingly stain resistant. There is no problem whenever someone drop wine on the rug or carpet, even drop any barbecue sauce because it is very easy to clean. It is the reason why outdoor rugs are very useful to place in dining area where everybody go together and share the blessings that they had.

Stress-free Cleaning

Outdoor rugs are very easy to clean. All you have to do is a spray using your water hose from your garden. If you want an overall cleaning, you need a mild soap and a scrub brush. You do not have to worry for spending for a dry cleaning service because it is very easy to clean. You can use the outside rugs even in the busiest part of your home because of this feature.

Up to Fashion

Style is what makes people want a thing. Outdoor rugs are very fashionable. They varies with different sizes, shapes, colors and hues. There are many designs to choose from. Different patterns are also available in these outside rugs. All you have to do is to choose the best outdoor rug that will suit the design of your home. There are versatile outdoor rugs that really fit with variety of furniture styles. Modern designs and antique designs are also available in outdoor rugs.

Cheap Expense

You do not have to pay a big amount of money just to have an outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs are really cheap and less expensive. These outdoor rugs are bargain. There are also online shops that you can visit to buy an outdoor rug. Buying an outdoor rug is a huge savings because of the quality and the uses that it has.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy now for you to have your own outdoor rug and decorate your home. Outdoor rugs will surely to give color and life to your home.

August 10, 2015

Interesting Facts About Rugs

A rug is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. It is an important piece of item that can help us keep an area clean. Outdoor rugs nowadays have the impressive ability to effectively trap in dirt. Most are a breeze to clean since they are water-proof.  Depending on the country it was made in and the materials it was made of, the appearance of a rug greatly varies. Some are printed, some are plain. Some may even mirror the culture of its country origin. The size, as well, can be picked according to your preference. There are one that cover an extensive area, while others are of a standard size.

everything about rugs

Rugs are pretty interesting, considering how long we have been using them and how much they have evolved over time. There are a lot of fun and interesting facts about rugs. Here are some of them:

    • Most outdoor rugs are made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is an inexpensive material.
    • Outdoor rugs that are made from Polypropylene are stain-resistant.
    • The commercial rug industry started in England.
    • Outdoor rugs are made to resist mildew.
    • Rugs are also called carpets.
  • Cutting the rug is the slang term for dancing.
  • Outdoor rugs are best when you have pets who run across your house, leaving tracks of dirt and mud.
  • Patterns can help mask stains. This can be very helpful when you have a dog that often leaves stains.
  • Rugs made out of cotton, unlike Polypropylene rugs, are not as durable and they stain easily. They are not water-proof, as well.
  • Hand-made rugs, also known as hand-hooked rugs, are the most expensive type. The price ranges $200 – $1,000.
  • Hand-made rugs have the widest variety when it comes to designs and patterns.
  • Machine-made rugs have intricate designs. They are created using power looms that can simultaneously weave 5 different colours.
  • Machine-made rugs are cheaper than hand-made rugs. Its price ranges between $40 to $750, depending on the size.
  • Outdoor rugs that are made of jute, which is a natural fibber, is not as mildew – proof as the one made of Polypropylene. However, since it is natural, it also makes a better choice if you have babies around.

Rugs are functional and interesting pieces for your home. They can save you a lot of time and effort cleaning, at the same time, adds color to your space.